Industry Related News: United States – (April, 2019):

A team of MIT research engineers has recently discovered a new polymer material that, through thermal material testing, shows that the polymer material conducts heat rather than trapping it as most other polymer materials do. Initial thermal tests indicate that the material is potentially a better heat conductor than many metal materials typical in the market today.

The research team performed material thermal testing to show how the new polymer material compares to other heat-conductive materials that are commonly used. Lead author Yanfei Xu noted that the material “[…]measured around 60 watts per meter per kelvin. While ceramic measures about 30, and steel, around 15.” The research team hopes that their results prompt further research into the future of polymer materials for heat conduction, which of course means more thermal testing!, “New polymer films conduct heat instead of trapping it”,  April 2019,  Accessed 30 April 2019.


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