Rubber & Plastic materials need to meet appropriate durability requirements in the operating environment to ensure they protect internal components and electronics. These materials are used in a wide variety of applications such as tubing or casings across a broad range of industries including: medical, military, aerospace, manufacturing, and even communications. Our rubber & plastic thermal testing devices can help manufacturers in these industries create more effective products that withstand the test of time.

In a recent medical application, Khoury Industries assisted with a product for a customer that needed a catheter made from rubber and plastic that could withstand the variation in temperature that would allow the epoxy to cure at a specified temperature. When accurate rubber and plastic thermal testing is needed, top companies turn to Khoury Industries’ compact environmental test chambers. The Khoury Box and ELI Systems assure manufacturers that their material will perform when it’s crucial at specific temperatures.

At Khoury Industries, our goal is to provide rubber & plastic thermal testing solutions that will help manufacturing companies meet the strictest of temperature standards. Furthermore, to also allow products to adhere to required temperature guidelines. This is why our units are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -80°C to +225°C. They provide both electronic noise free and moisture free environments. Our thermal testing units will offer an ideal solution for analyzing component failures, assessing functionality, and determining product life cycles.

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Rubber & Plastic Thermal Testing Solutions

Khoury Industries’ thermal test fixtures use an inner and outer case made from aluminum and offers thermal test chambers that provide a metallic-free environment for hot and cold temperature cycling. Khoury Industries uses a silicon rubber, Teflon, and Lexan material to construct your custom thermal solution.

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