Sensor Thermal Testing

Automotive applications rely heavily on sensors to provide feedback for technological options available in cars, trucks, SUV’s, and military vehicles today. Khoury Industries is very instrumental in providing sensor thermal testing solutions for ERG sensors, pressure sensors, vacuum sensors, air bag sensors, and any other sensor for the automotive industry.

In the military, sensors in the front of the aircraft used to measure the outside temperature are tested using the Khoury Box to ensure all critical military specifications are met.

When accurate sensor thermal testing units are needed, Khoury Industries has compact environmental test chambers that are strategically designed for temperature testing sensors. The Khoury Box and ELI Systems assure commercial manufacturers that their material will perform when it’s crucial at specific temperatures. Sensors are often place in critical components that need to be both accurate and reliable. At Khoury Industries, we’ve designed products that will provide peace of mind in thermal product testing.

Our goal is to provide temperature testing devices that will help in producing sensors that meet tough temperature standards. Our units are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -80°C to +225°C. They provide both electronic noise free and moisture free environments. Our thermal testing units will offer an ideal solution for analyzing component failures, assessing functionality, and determining product life cycles.

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Sensor Thermal Testing Solutions

Our thermal testing units allow for easy testing of sensors and circuit boards, along with other custom electronic interfaces. These units can also be customized and modified to apply to your specific device-under-test:

Auto Sensor Thermal Testing
Mini Khoury Box
Khoury Box