Khoury Industries, located in Bellingham MA, is a worldwide leader in providing thermal test solutions across a variety of platforms.  We design and manufacture environmental test systems, compact portable bench-top systems, test chambers and fixtures for a wide variety of applications and industries, including:

“…I believe that the biggest sale you make with a customer isn’t the first one. It’s usually the third or fourth one that matters. It proves that you have the capability to provide quality and reliability time and time again. Consistency is the benchmark of our success,”

-Tony Khoury, President of Khoury Industries.

Providing Reliability and Stability

Khoury Industries has developed a wide variety of products for the many applications of temperature testing. We can custom build a fixture to fit your specific needs or upgrade your current fixture to meet Khoury Industries’ stringent quality control. You’ll see the difference no matter which path you choose.

Khoury Industries offers:

  • Custom Hybrid devices
  • LS/VSLI Components
  • RF Microwave
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Power devices
  • Modules or subassemblies

Our products utilize a temperature forcing unit and unique air distribution techniques so that a Khoury Industries Thermal Chamber provides the optimum in temperature control and device interface. Even in applications where testing requires temperatures in excess of ±100°C, our chambers are designed to allow the highest level of productivity in the area of thermal cycling times and stability while providing the necessary interface and control to special electronic instrumentation or Automatic Test Equipment