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Don’t Let Temperature Be Your Enemy!

Khoury Industries is helping the Military manufacturing sector by providing key temperature testing equipment to ensure the war fighter the most reliable and accurate weapon for any situation. Khoury Industries understands that key components for an aircraft demand testing to ensure air supremacy and keep pilots safe, and that long range missile testing is necessary to ensure the fighter is at a safe distance. Our products help in the continued effort for domination over our enemies.

Khoury Industries thermal test enclosures are designed to provide today’s test engineers the features they require to electrically analyze their components successfully. With our enclosures, engineers will be confident in passing on the highest quality weapon components to their customers in the battlefield.

Our temperature test fixtures include custom manifold design features to provide for rapid temperature ramps and user-friendly electrical wire and cable pass throughs to ensure your critical measurements are accurate.

“The military sector has a strong need for testing intricate parts, and Khoury Industries is committed to providing that for them.”
-Tony Khoury

Providing Solutions To Industry Leaders Such As These:

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Harman Becker
  • SynQor
  • Herley Industries