Environmental Test Chamber

An environmental test chamber – also called a climate chamber – can be a cold or hot oven in which a device-under-test is subjected to the effects of exposure to the environment. Environmental test chambers can vary in size, but with the patented ELI-1000, Khoury Industries’ newest product line, the workspace or chamber can be changed in under a minute to accommodate any size product.

The ELI-1000: Environmental Test Chamber & temperature control system that combines a closed-loop

The ELI-1000: temperature control system that combines a closed-loop

The patented ELI-1000 is revolutionary in that it combines a thermal source and custom or standard chamber into one system. The ELI-1000 is portable and lightweight, but delivers powerful temperature performance. ELI-1000 can be connected to any functional rack-and-stack or any functional tester. It is configured as a single package consisting of a small cascade refrigeration system, a blower, a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) temperature controller, and a low wattage heater. It uses a 120 VAC 20-amp power source.

ELI-1000 also boasts faster temperature change rates than your standard oven and therefore reduces total test time. In addition, the ELI-1000 has a significant air flow velocity and maintains a uniformity in temperature between the part and the air. ELI-1000 allows for temperature control of either the chamber air or the DUT or both.

The patented ELI-1000 is only available through Khoury Industries and delivers a temperature accuracy of +/- 1˚C. Customization is available to suit individual testing needs including RF microwave testing as high as 110 gigahertz using RF cables and wave guides.


Khoury Industries is a worldwide leader in thermal solutions for device characterization, thermal cycling and failure analysis. Khoury Industries designs and manufactures custom thermal test fixtures used in a variety of industries including: military, space, automotive, medical, research, and communication fields. The Khoury Box and the patented ELI-1000 have quickly become industry favorites as temperature-measuring devices used to ensure the reliability of industrial and electronic products through prolonged exposure to extreme conditions.

We are committed to delivering the most advanced thermal test solutions to its customers through highly qualified engineering professionals. In fulfilling that commitment, Khoury Industries continually seeks to extend its expertise and differentiate the company and products in a highly competitive market. We even work with and compete with NASA.