Industry Related News: United States – (December, 2018):

Firefighters, and especially those who are first to enter a burning building, are typically thought of as being completely protected from the extreme heat they are exposed to on a regular basis. However, recent thermal testing studies completed on personal protective equipment (PPE) have revealed that there is a glaring vulnerability. The research team discovered was that thermal arc energy, or heat energy created by arcing electricity, are roughly 10x higher than current PPE is required to sustain stating that “[arc flashes] generally resolve in less than one second, but the thermal energy can be in excess of 10,000°F.”  This makes arc flashes extremely dangerous for first responder Firefighting teams. Although thermal arc energy flashes are rare and predictable in their effects — much more thermal and temperature testing is required to ensure that PPE can meet the protective need as more and more heavy electrical equipment becomes commonplace in homes and commercial buildings.


Khoury Industries is a worldwide leader in temperature testing equipment for device characterization, thermal cycling and failure analysis. Khoury Industries designs and manufactures custom thermal testing chambers and microwave thermal testing fixtures used in a variety of industries including: military, space, automotive, medical, research, and communication fields. The Khoury Box and the patented ELI-1000 have quickly become industry favorites as thermal testing devices used to ensure the reliability of industrial and electronic products through prolonged exposure to extreme conditions.

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