Thermal Testing

thermal testing chamberThermal testing involves the measurement of superficial  temperatures- Particularly, as heat flows to, from and/or through an object. The simplest thermal testing involves making point measurements with a thermocouple.

Controlling temperature with precision at the device case is a major benefit of the Khoury Box thermal testing chamber. The DUT is isolated in a localized enclosure (at temperature) with the thermal air circulated around the device under test or DUT. This process brings the device/assembly to temperature and therefore reduces soaking time. Thermal Testing interface utilizes impedance-matched connections to ensure true and accurate test signals between the tester, the thermal test fixture, and the DUT.

Complete tester interface includes mechanical and electrical interface fixturing and electronics ensuring true and accurate test signals to and from the DUT. The Khoury Box, can work with any thermal source and has an operating temperature range of -90°C to 225°C.

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About Khoury Industries

thermal testing chamber

The ELI-1000: temperature control system that combines a closed-loop

With more than 35 years of expertise interfacing to the major ATE equipment and stand alone home made test station (Rack and Stack), KHOURY INDUSTRIES thermal testing fixtures and accessories are an accurate and convenient solution. Thermal testing or cycling components, wafer, Hybrids and IC’s at precisely controlled temperatures at the tester site or probing components.

Temperatures range from – 80C to +225C (Depending on your air controlled source) All THERMAL TEST FIXTURES are ESD-FREE AND OR EMI SHIELDED, most systems are available with the European CE standards. The company is headquartered in Bellingham, MA, USA and has sale representatives throughout the world.

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