eli1Khoury Industries designs and manufacturers thermal test solutions including environmental test systems, compact portable benchtop systems, test chambers and fixtures for a wide  variety of applications. Manufacturers of the industry leading Khoury Box and ELI-1000.

Let us help you find the solution to…

  • Fast Temperature cycle, Thermal Stress Screening, Test Chamber Fixtures
  • Temperature Characterization
  • Temperature Testing, Thermal Shock
  • Product Development.
  • LifeTesting, Thermal cycling, Thermal inducing and Failure Analysis


RF, Microwave Thermal testing

Controlling temperature with precision at the device case is a major benefit of the Khoury Box thermal test fixture. The DUT is isolated in a localized enclosure (at temperature) with the thermal air circulated around the device under test or DUT. This process brings the device/assembly to temperature and therefore reduces soaking time. Tester interface utilizes impedance-matched connections to ensure true and accurate test signals between the tester, the thermal test fixture, and the DUT.

Click Here to download a Universal RF/Microwave data sheet on the Khoury Box:

RF/Microwave Data Sheet

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Introducing the ELI-1000

A Remote, Compact Thermal Testing Solution

This revolutionary system combines a thermal source and custom or standard chamber into one system. The interchangeable chamber feature of the ELI-1000 allows users to easily accommodate their varying testing needs.

Click Here to download our specification sheet on the ELI-1000:

Download Eli 1000 Spec Sheet